Lightsources Lightguides
Various precision dichroic filters allow you to adapt the spectral output to the specifications of
your UV curing product.
Electronic interface allows remote control of six important system parameters.
Stepper motor shutter allows troublefree operation in short, highspeed curing cycles.
Shutter operation through internal digital timer or remote external timer.
200W DC super pressure mercury lamp with excellent lamp life (up to 2000 hours).
Minimal degradation of UV output over entire lamp life and low replacement cost, meaning high
economy of operation.
Pre-aligned snap-in lamp module.
Sophisticated 3-lens anti-reflection coated quartz glass condensor gives a homogeneous output
pattern and eliminates costly disposable reflectors.
Instant reignition, even when lamp is hot.
All graphs show spectral emission with Liquid Lightguide 5mm x 1500mm
Lamp: 200W DC Super Pressure Short Arc Mercury Lamp
Lamp Life: 1.500 - 2.000 Hours (typical)
Lamp Power Stability Within ±1%
Solid State Switching Power Supply, Self Adjusting from 110 - 240 Volts(±10%), 50 - 60Hz
CE approved. Electromagnetic Compatibility meets EMI Standard FCC Class B
Dimensions: 340mm wide, 160mm high, 310mm deep
Weight: 7.5 kg (16.5 lbs)
Remote Control Interface (Photo-Coupler Isolated from Mains) for:
Action • Remote Ignition . Signal • Ignition Successful • Lamp Power
. • Remote Timing F.arbe . • System Overheated • Shutter Open
Safety features include UVA Filter, automatic shutter when lightguide is removed, and automatic power
cut-off when housing is opened.
Model Range Wavelength Power*
UVB 280 - 320nm 300 mW
SUV-DC-P UVA 320 - 400nm 1300 mW
Blue 400 - 500nm 1700 mW

* We do not give power density (mW / ) as this depends on the measuring distance;
multiply above values by 5 to give you mW / directly at the tip of the lightguide.
Divide by illuminated area () to give mW / at any other distance.

Available LIQUID LIGHTGUIDES: 2 x Ø 3mm x 1000mm (dual branch)
. 2 x Ø 3mm x 1500mm (dual branch)
Other lenghts and adaptors are available on request . Ø 5mm x 1500mm
Ø 8mm x 1500mm